Delays and Infrastructure

Written by Michael Cole - June 27th 2015

I would like to take a few moments to just talk about what I'm currently doing. I know by now you were expecting some cool BSD story, maybe about jails or replacing another machine. When working to get my new server in place I discovered that I would like better infrastructure in my house. I already had a 90% Ethernet wiring to every room. But my DMZ was just 2 machines directly connected together, so I didn't have much of a need to have more networking there. I now have the new machine to add, and it has dual NICs and I would like to use that through put as the machine will be storing a lot of files. So I need to add another Gigabit switch. I only have a few 10/100 switches laying around. So I am shopping for one of those. I also noticed a lack of power in the area. So I had 2 new 20 amp lines run into that room, so I can add additional equipment. So at least the power is done. I also had a UPS die on me, so I need to replace that.

The upcoming holidays may create some delays as well. Fear not thought, I will get all these things complete, in place and then have some new cool experiences.