New Year Update

Written by Michael Cole - January 8th 2016

I wanted to do an update for the New Year (2016). I haven't done a whole lot since my last post, at least not successfully. I've been working on converting my home lan web server but it's been pretty crazy. And I just haven't had time to do much.

Of course there were there was Christmas. My boy is now over 1 year old so that was a bit more fun. Also I love to smoke meat, so I got to do some Tri-tip up on Christmas, and then some Prime Rib for New Years.

There were also a few bad things that happened. I was in an accident, and the car rolled on the side. It was icy and the back end basically started to spin. I ended up mostly ok, just really sore. My mother-in-law also had a serious medical issue later that week. Both of these were the week before Christmas. My car is still being worked on and there is still some paper work associated with all that mess.

I've been trying to keep this mostly technical, but I figured I would fill in some of the blanks and lack of posts. Since it's entirely possible I could have died in the car crash, I'm glad to still be here and able to write this.

So as for last year, I think it was pretty successful. I basically got rid of one Windows computer. I've added some new services to my house that I didn't have before, like a FreeBSD package server (poudriere ) and way better sharing internally via samba and nfs. I had some sharing, but nothing like my ZFS pool that I have now. Of course I converted many things from Linux over to *BSD. My firewall is now OpenBSD, as well as my DHCP. My database, email, DNS, media sharing, central logging server, local time server, and probably some other things I'm forgetting are all now on FreeBSD.

So now on to the this year. Of course I want to try to complete my web server conversion. I'm not even sure if my nieces and nephew still play minecraft, but I'll either convert or decommission that server. I have an access/jump server that needs to be switched over. My old Debian APT caching server also serves as a PXE boot server, so I need to update that. It helps with the SIP phones as well. Speaking of phones, my current phone/voip server is still Linux as well. That will most likely be last, as it involves hardware. Oh and my networking monitoring and testing is still Linux as well. Once I complete some of those, my KVM host that some of those run on can be converted to a backup FreeBSD box. I think most of these will be FreeBSD, but at least one more will be OpenBSD. I'm also sure that I haven't covered some of things I've done so far, so maybe I can cover central logging or email more.

Hopefully I will get some time, this is just sort of the update on where things stand and to let everyone know I'm ok. I hope all is well with everyone else out there and that you all have a good New Year.